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खमंग काकडी - Khamang Kakdi

Khamang Kakadi (English version)

वाढणी : ३-४ जणांसाठी

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२ कप चोचवलेली काकडी (कृती - क्र. १)
३ हिरव्या मिरच्या बारीक चिरून
१ टिस्पून लिंबाचा रस
१/२ टिस्पून तूप
१/४ टिस्पून जिरे
३ ते ४ टेस्पून शेंगदाण्याचा कूट
२ टेस्पून चिरलेली कोथिंबीर
१ टिस्पून साखर
चवीपुरते मिठ

१) काकडीची शेवटची दोन टोके कापावीत, आधी काकडी कडू नाहीये ना! हे चव घेवून पाहावे. नंतर काकडी सोलून चोचवून घ्यावी. चोचवलेल्या काकडीला थोडे मिठ चोळून एका वाडग्यात ठेवावे. मिठामुळे काकडीला पाणी सुटेल. हे पाणी काढून टाकावे तसेच चोचवलेली काकडी दोन्ही हाताने पिळून त्यातील अधिकचे पाणी काढून टाकावे. अशी पाणी काढून पिळलेली टाकलेली काकडी आपल्याला २ कप लागेल.
२) ही काकडी वाडग्यात घेऊन त्यात शेंगदाण्याचा कूट, चिरलेली कोथिंबीर, साखर घालून मिक्स करावे.
३) कढल्यात तूप गरम करून त्यात जिरे आणि चिरलेल्या मिरच्यांतील थोडी मिरची घालून फोडणी करावी व काकडीत घालावी.
४) उरलेली मिरची एका वाटीत घ्यावी. त्यात अगदी किंचीत मिठ घालावे (कारण आधीच काकडीला मिठ लावले आहे). चमच्याने किंवा हाताने चुरडावी आणि काकडीला लावावी. लिंबाचा रस घालून मिक्स करावे.
हि चविष्ट अशी खमंग काकडी उपवासाला किंवा इतर दिवशीही कोशिंबीर म्हणून जेवणात समाविष्ट करू शकतो.

Cucumber Salad, kakadi Koshimbir recipe, Cucumbar Raita, Indian cucumber Raita

Maharashtrian Cucumber Raita

Khamang kakdi

Serves – 3 to 4

2 cup finely chopped Cucumber (Step 1)
2 + 1 green Chilies, finely chopped
1 tsp Lemon juice
½ tsp Ghee
¼ tsp Cumin seeds
3 to 4 tbsp Peanuts powder
2 tbsp finely chopped Cilantro
1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste

cucumber salad, indian salad, indian raita, kakadichi koshimbir, koshimbir, kachumbar, khamang kakdi, Low calorie salad recipe

1) Wash cucumber and cut both ends. Sometime cucumber has bitter taste, so always taste a little piece of cucumber before using it. Then peel and chop finely. If you have hand chopper, cut cucumber into big pieces and chop them by using chopper, make very small pieces. Then put chopped cucumber into a mixing bowl, rub little salt and keep aside for 4-5 minutes. Because of salt, cucumber will leave water. Remove excessive water, also squeeze cucumber by hand palms and try to remove the water as much as you can. We need 2 cups of squeezed cucumber.
2) Put this squeezed cucumber into another mixing bowl. Add peanuts powder, chopped cilantro, and sugar. Mix well.
3) In a small saucepan, heat Ghee. Add Cumin Seeds, 2 finely chopped green Chilies and pour this mixture to cucumber.
4) Put the remaining chopped chilies into a small bowl. Add very little salt (we have already rubbed salt to cucumber). Crush them with spoon and mix it with cucumber. Add Lemon juice and mix.
Serve in any meal as side dish..You can have it for your Upvas (fast)

Cucumber salad, kakadi koshimbir recipe, cucumber raita, Indian cucumber raita

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Piotr Kulczycki - Photography

Some very nice photography work here and also a really nice site.

Piotr Kulczycki Travel Photography

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उपासाची बटाटा भाजी - Batata Bhaji

Upvasachi Batata Bhaji in English

वाढणी : २ ते ३ जणांसाठी

potato curry, Maharashtra curry recipe, Indian curry recipe, suki bhaji, grocery, Idaho potato, quick n easy
२ कप शिजलेल्या बटाट्याच्या फोडी
१ टिस्पून साजूक तूप
१/२ टिस्पून जिरे
३-४ हिरव्या मिरच्या
२ टेस्पून शेंगदाण्याचा कूट
१ टिस्पून लिंबाचा रस
१/२ ते १ टिस्पून साखर
चवीपुरते मिठ

१) बटाटे शिजवून घ्यावेत. बटाटे सोलून त्याच्या मध्यम फोडी कराव्यात.
२) कढईत १ टिस्पून तूप गरम करावे. त्यात जिरे आणि चिरलेल्या मिरच्या घालाव्यात. यात बटाट्याच्या फोडी घालून मध्यम आचेवर परतावे. चवीपरते मिठ आणि साखर घालावी, दाण्याचा कूट घालावा. झाकण ठेवून वाफ काढावी. २-३ मिनीटांनंतर त्यात लिंबू रस घालून मिक्स करावे.

१) आवडीनुसार ताजा ओला नारळही घालू शकतो.

Maharashtrian Recipe, upvas recipe, fasting recipe, batata bhaji, Potato Bhaji, Potato Sabji

UK Logo Design New Portfolio

Using Wordpress to create an easy to update portfolio

After a quite successful first 6 months of business from my new logo design site UK Logo Design, I hit a brick wall. I was receiving so much work from the site that took up so much of my time I was never able to upload or update the site with the work I was producing which became quite annoying.

I decided to look into using Wordpress (my first time) to build a portfolio site that I would be able to update much easier and faster much in the same way I can post to a blog. I purchased a portfolio style theme from woothemes to use as the basis and then styled it to look like my other side, a few plugins and tweaks later and I'm finally ready to start using my new UK Logo Design site.

The main featured section is for my logo design.

I also have a sub section for Web Design & Graphic Design.

And a logo image gallery of my most recent work. I'm updating it as I go and when all my work is uploaded to the site it should make things much easier to update in the future.

Please feel free to comment on any of the work there and also be sure to sign up to the UK Logo Design feed so you will be notified when I upload my latest pieces of work. If you don't use a feedburner you can also subscribe via email here.

Also if you want to hire us for any of your projects feel free to contact us.

Maharashtrian Potato bhaji

Upavasachi batata Bhaji (Potato curry for Fasting) in Marathi

This Bhaji (sabzi) is very easy to make, very delicious. We generally make this on Fast.

potato curry, Maharashtra curry recipe, Indian curry recipe, suki bhaji, grocery, Idaho potato, quick n easy
2 cup potato cubes (boiled and peeled)

1 tsp Ghee
½ tsp Cumin seeds
3-4 green Chilies
2 tbsp Peanuts powder
1 tsp Lemon Juice
½ to 1 tsp Sugar
Salt to taste

1) First, boil and Peel potatoes. Make medium cubes.
2) Heat a wok, and then add 1 tsp ghee. Let the Ghee become hot, add cumin seeds and chopped green chilies. Add potato cubes. Stir on medium heat.
3) Add peanuts powder, salt and Sugar to taste. Stir well and cover with lid, let it cook for 2-3 minutes. After 2-3 minutes, add Lemon juice. Mix well.

Add fresh grated coconut to enhance the taste

Maharashtrian Recipe, upvas recipe, fasting recipe, batata bhaji, Potato Bhaji, Potato Sabji

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Eric Dover Studio - Art and Image Direction

Noah Sheldon Photography

Photography portfolio of Paul Van Hoy

This is an extremely diverse online portfolio from New York photographer, Paul Van Hoy. From wedding pictures to photojournalism his gallery is crisp and interesting and most definately worth a closer look.

About the photographer.

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Alexey Titarenko Photography

An outstanding online portfolio of mostly black and white shots by Russian photographer, Alexey Titarenko.

About the photographer.

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बदाम कुल्फी - Badam Kulfi

Badam Mava Kulfi (English Version)

वाढणी: २-३ जणांसाठी

Kulfi recipe, Icecream recipe, Badam Kulfi, Restaurant style Kulfi recipe, frozen dessert with less fuss, easy dessert recipe, indian grocery, try almond topped indian dessert
३ कप दुध (होल मिल्क)
१/४ कप ताजा मावा (साधारण ४ टेस्पून)
१/२ ते पाउण कप साखर
१/३ कप बदामाचे काप
२ टिस्पून कॉर्न फ्लोअर
१/२ टिस्पून वेलची पूड
चिमूटभर केशर

indian food recipe, indian dessert recipe, kulfi, almond kulfi, malpova, mango icecream, jalebi recipe, kheer
१) बदामाची पूड करून घ्यावी. दूध गरम करून आटवावे. आटवतानाच ३-४ मिनीटांनी साखर घालावी.
२) साधारण अर्धे होईल इतपत आटवावे. आटवताना सारखे ढवळत राहावे ज्यामुळे दूध भांड्याच्या तळाला लागणार नाही.
३) मावा हाताने मोकळा करून घ्यावा. त्यातील गुठळ्या हाताने मोडाव्यात.
४) दोन टेस्पून गार दूधात कॉर्न फ्लोअर मिक्स करावे, हे दूध आटवलेल्या दूधात घालावे व ढवळावे. हळूहळू दुध घट्टसर होईल.
५) दुध घट्टसर झाले कि वेलची पूड, केशर, मावा दुधात घालावा. थोडे गरम करावे. सर्व निट मिक्स करावे. मिश्रण थोडे कोमट झाले कि कुल्फीपात्रात किंवा हिंडालियमच्या पात्रात मिश्रण ओतून फ्रिजरमध्ये सेट करण्यास ठेवावे.
६) कुल्फी घट्ट झाली सर्व्ह करावे.

kulfi recipe, matka kulfi, badam Malai Kulfi, Mava Kulfi, Indian Icecream

Portrait photography by Amanda Chapman

Red Riding Hood

An a really nice online portfolio at JPGmag from Amanda Chapman.

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Badam Malai Kulfi

Almond Kulfi in Marathi

Serves – 2 to 3

Kulfi recipe, Icecream recipe, Badam Kulfi, Restaurant style Kulfi recipe, frozen dessert with less fuss, easy dessert recipe, indian grocery, try almond topped indian dessert
3 cups whole Milk
¼ cup Fresh Mawa (2 Tbsp)
½ to ¾ cup Sugar
1/3 cup Almond pieces
2 tsp Corn Flour
½ tsp Cardamom powder
Pinch of Saffron

indian food recipe, indian dessert recipe, kulfi, almond kulfi, malpova, mango icecream, jalebi recipe, kheer
1) Grind Almond pieces to coarse Powder.
2) Heat a saucepan. Keep the heat on medium. Add milk and reduce it to half i.e. approximately 1½ cup. Add sugar while reducing milk. Stir continuously from start to end, to avoid milk sticking to the bottom.
3) Crumble Mawa with hands and remove all the lumps.
4) Take 2 tbsp cold milk in a small bowl. Add 2 tsp Corn Flour. Mix well and add it to the boiling milk. Milk will start thickening.
5) Once milk become thick; add Cardamom Powder, Saffron, and Mawa. Mix well and remove lumps. Mix well and remove from heat.
6) Let the mixture become little cool down. Then pour into Kulfi mold or any Icecream mold and set into freezer.

kulfi recipe, matka kulfi, badam Malai Kulfi, Mava Kulfi, Indian Icecream

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A message to Readers of the Blog...

We would love to see some of your own personal photography work showcased on these boards.

If you would like to see your own work featured here please send this to me along with a link for your website (if applicable).

Please only send your best pieces.

Submit to:

brokendalek (at)

I look forward to receiving your work!


James Russell and Anne Rutherford Photography

yellow_groud level f#163bc.jpg

Online portfolio of fashion photographers James Russell and Ann Rutherford.

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Paloma Rincon; Photographer

Anna Koudella Photography and Photomanipulation

An interesting online portfolio of photography and photomanipulations from Anna Koudella.

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Jeff Riedel Photography

फडतरे यांची "कोल्हापूरी मिसळ" - Phadtare Misal

Phadtare's Kolhapuri Misal

कोल्हापूरातील फडतरे यांची मिसळ खुपच प्रसिद्ध आहे. मी त्यापद्धतीची मिसळ घरी बनवली होती. खुपच चविष्ट आणि चमचमीत पाककृती आहे.
त्याचा व्हिडीओ खाली दिला आहे. पण फडतरे यांनी hotel style सारखी जास्त प्रमाणावर हि मिसळ दाखवली आहे, म्हणून मी जशी मिसळ बनवली होती त्याचे प्रमाण दिलेले आहे.
पण त्यातील दोन चार जिन्नस (बडी इलायची, जाड मिठ, बेडगी मिरची तिखट, दगडफूल) घरात उपलब्ध नव्हते. त्यामुळे व्हिडिओ आणि खाली दिलेले प्रमाण याची सांगड घालून हि चविष्ट मिसळ नक्की करून पाहा.

वाढणी : ४ प्लेट

::::बटाटा भाजी::::
२ ते अडीच कप बटाट्याच्या फोडी (शिजवून आणि सोलून)
३/४ कप कांदा (उभा चिरून)
२ टेस्पून तेल
फोडणीसाठी : १/४ टिस्पून मोहोरी, १/४ टिस्पून जिरे, १/२ टिस्पून हळद
३ ते ४ हिरव्या मिरच्या, बारीक चिरून
चवीपुरते मिठ
::::मटकी उसळ::::
३/४ कप मटकी (भिजवून मोड काढल्यावर दिड कप)
३/४ कप चिरलेला कांदा
१/२ कप चिरलेला टोमॅटो
१/२ टिस्पून हळद
२ टिस्पून लाल तिखट
१ टेस्पून धणेजिरे पूड
२ टिस्पून तेल
३/४ टिस्पून साखर
चवीनुसार मिठ
४ टेस्पून तेल
३/४ कप उभा चिरलेला कांदा
१/२ कप चिरलेला टोमॅटो
१/२ टिस्पून हळद
२ टिस्पून लाल तिखट
१/४ कप ओला नारळ
गरम मसाला पेस्ट:
२ टेस्पून सुके खोबरे, ३ लवंगा, १ दालचिनीची लहान काडी, चिमूटभर जायफळ पूड, २ वेलची, ४ लसूण पाकळ्यांची पेस्ट, १ टिस्पून आलेपेस्ट, ३ हिरव्या मिरच्या, १ टिस्पून जिरे

kolhapuri Misal, misal recipe, maharashtrian misal recipe, misal recipe video

Phadtare's Kolhapuri Misal Recipe Video

Phadtare Misal in Marathi

In Maharashtra Kolhapur is very famous for Misal. Misal is made by combining Potato Sukhi Bhaji, Matki Bhaji (Sabzi) and Very hot spicy Curry. Fadtare (surname) Misal is very popular in Kolhapur. I am posting a Video which shows how Misal prepared in "Fadtare Misal Centre".
Previously, I had posted Misal Recipe in my way, but this is something Original and Traditional way of making Misal.
I am giving list of ingredients which I had used to make Misal at home. Some of the Ingredients which are shown in the video (like Anise Star, Black Cardamom, Coarse Salt, Bedgi Mirchi Powder) were not available at home. So I made Misal without those items and still it tasted great.

Serves: 4 persons

Potato Bhaji (Potato Dry Sabzi)
2 to 2 ½ cup Potato Cubes (Boiled and peeled)
¾ cup Onion, sliced lengthwise
2 tbsp Oil
For Seasoning: ¼ tsp Mustard Seeds, ¼ tsp Cumin seeds, ½ tsp Turmeric Powder, 3-4 finely chopped green Chilies
Salt to taste
Matki Usal (Moth Beans Curry)
¾ cup dried Moth beans
¾ cup Onion, finely chopped
½ cup Tomato, finely chopped
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
2 tsp Red Chili Powder
1 tsp Coriander-Cumin Powder
2 tsp Oil
¾ tsp Sugar
Salt to taste
Kat (Spicy Curry)
4 tbsp Oil
¾ cup Onion, Sliced lengthwise
½ cup Tomato, finely chopped
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
2 tsp Red Chili Powder
¼ cup Fresh grated Coconut
Garam Masala:
2 tbsp Dry Coconut Powder, 2 Cloves, 1 inch Cinnamon stick, Pinch of Nutmeg powder, 2 Cardamom pods, 4 Garlic Clove’s paste, 1 tsp Ginger paste, 3 green chilies, 1 tsp Cumin Seeds


See the Video

Diego Alborghetti Photography


A nice online photography portfolio including portrait and fashion photography from Diego Alborghetti.

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पनीर हरीयाली - Paneer Hariyali

Paneer Hariyali (English Version)

paneer recipe, indian paneer, indian paneer recipe, fresh paneer, indian food, indian paneer recipe, indian food recipes, punjabi, punjabi recipe, indian restaurant style food, food of india

वाढणी : साधारण १ प्लेट (२ जण)


३/४ कप फ्रेश पनीरचे तुकडे (साधारण १२-१४ मध्यम चौकोनी तुकडे)
१/२ कप भोपळी मिरचीचे चौकोनी तुकडे
३ टेस्पून दहीpaneer recipe, indian paneer, indian paneer recipe, fresh paneer, indian food, indian paneer recipe, indian food recipes, punjabi, punjabi recipe, indian restaurant style food, food of india
३/४ कप उभा चिरलेला कांदा
१ टेस्पून आलेलसूण पेस्ट
२ टेस्पून बटर
१/४ टिस्पून हळद
३-४ टेस्पून तेल
:::मसाला बनवण्यासाठी:::
१ काडी दालचिनी
४ काळीमिरी
३ लवंग
३ वेलची
१ टिस्पून धनेपूड
१ टिस्पून जिरेपूड
:::हिरवा मसाला बनवण्यासाठी:::
४-५ हिरव्या मिरच्या
१/२ कप पुदीना पाने
१/२ कप कोथिंबीर

१) प्रथम दही १/२ ते पाऊण तास सुती कपड्यात घालून टांगून ठेवावे व त्यातील पाणी जाऊ द्यावे. म्हणजे भाजीत घातल्यावर फुटणार नाही.
२) मसाला बनवण्यासाठी दालचिनी, काळीमिरी, लवंग, वेलची, धनेपूड, जिरेपूड मिक्सरमध्ये बारीक वाटून पूड करून घ्यावी.
३) हिरव्या मिरच्या, पुदीना पाने, कोथिंबीर आणि थोडे मिठ एकत्र मिक्सरमध्ये वाटून बारीक पेस्ट करावी.
४) नॉनस्टीक पॅनमध्ये तेल घालून त्यात कांदा मध्यम आचेवर परतून घ्यावा. कांदा परतताना त्यात थोडे मिठ घालावे. कांदा थोडा थंड होवू द्यावा व मिक्सरमध्ये बारीक वाटून घ्यावा. उरलेल्या तेलात पनीरचे तुकडे किंचीत फ्राय करून घ्यावे.
५) नॉनस्टीक पॅन बटर घालून त्यात प्रथम आलेलसूण पेस्ट घालून परतावे. त्यावर क्र. २ मध्ये बनवलेला मसाला घालून परतावा. छान वास सुटला कि भोपळी मिरचीचे तुकडे घालावे व ब्रिफली परतावे.
६) नंतर हिरवा मसाला घालून थोडे परतावे. त्यात कांद्याची पेस्ट घालावी. थोडावेळ परतून त्यात १/२ कप पाणी आणि गरजेनुसार मिठ घालावे आणि थोडे शिजू द्यावे. गॅस एकदम मंद करून त्यात परतलेले पनीरचे तुकडे घालावे. दही घालावे व ढवळावे. भाजीच्या कडेने बटरचा तवंग सुटायला लागला कि भाजी झाली असे समजावे.
हि भाजी पोळी तसेच भाताबरोबरही चविष्ट लागते. नक्की ट्राय करून पाहा. पुदीना पनीरचे कॉम्बिनेशन तर मस्तच.

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Paneer Hariyali

Paneer hariyali in Marathi

Serves : 2

¾ cup Fresh Paneer cubes (12-14 medium pieces)
½ cup Green Bell pepper cubes
3 tbsp plain Yogurt
¾ cup Onion, thinly Sliced
1 tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste
2 tbsp Butter
¼ tsp Turmeric Powder
3-4 tbsp Oil
::::For making Masala::::
Cinnamon 1 stick
4 black pepper balls
3 Cloves
3 cardamom pods
1 tsp Coriander Powder
1 tsp Cumin Powder
::::For Green masala::::
4-5 green Chilies
½ cup Mint Leaves
½ cup Cilantro leaves

paneer recipe, indian paneer, indian paneer recipe, fresh paneer, indian food, indian paneer recipe, indian food recipes, punjabi, punjabi recipe, indian restaurant style food, food of india
1) Put yogurt into a clean cotton cloth and hang for ½ an hour so that excessive water will get removed and when we will add yogurt into curry, it will not curdle because of heat.
2) For making Masala, grind Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom pods, Cumin Powder, Coriander Powder in the grinder.
3) For Green Masala, grind Green chilies, Mint leaves, Cilantro leaves and little salt together to fine paste.
4) In a nonstick pan, heat oil and sauté onion until it becomes translucent. Add little salt while sautéing. Once it become translucent remove from pan and let it cool down. Then grind to fine paste. There will be little oil remaining in the pan. Place Paneer pieces on it and fry lightly. Do not fry for longer time; otherwise, it will become brown in color.
5) Heat a nonstick pan; add butter and sauté ginger garlic paste. Turn heat on medium. Add masala, which we have made in Step 2. Sauté for a minute. Put bell pepper cubes and stir-fry briefly.
6) Then add Green Masala and sauté for a minute. Add Onion paste. Sauté and add ½ cup water and salt to taste and let it cook for couple of minutes. Keep heat on low. Add briefly fried Paneer pieces, hung Yogurt and mix gently. Curry will start leaving butter after few minutes. Then remove from heat and our Dish is ready to serve.
Serve hot with chapatti, Roti, Naan, or even with white rice. Combination of Paneer and Mint tastes amazing.

Paneer, Paneer Recipe, Indian Paneer Recipe, Paneer Hariyali, paneer curry recipe, hotel style paneer recipe, north Indian paneer recipe, Indian paneer, spicy paneer recipe

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eugenio Recuenco Photography

Gian Paolo Tomasi Photography

SB-900 AF Speedlight

Nikon Speedlight SB-900

Nikon announced a new flagship Speedlight flashgun - the SB-900. It’s perfectly suited for both FX and DX formats and offers zoom coverage from 17 - 200mm, in addition to many other improvements over the SB-800.

The SB-900 i-TTL Speedlight leads the Nikon Creative Lighting System delivering the portability, power and versatility to support any photographer’s creative lighting imagination.

More information here.

Key Features:

  • Nikon’s Flagship Creative Lighting System Speedlight: Powerful and versatile SB-900 works as a stand-alone flash, featuring wireless operation as a Commander or wireless remote light source.
  • Control up to three remote Speedlight groups and an unlimited number of compatible Speedlights: The SB-900's Wireless Commander Mode offers wireless control at the master Speedlight position. Four wireless channel options allow you to manage wireless conflicts in multiple photographer environments.
  • Streamlined controls and menus: The Rotary Select Dial sets key flash functions quickly—a prominent Master and Remote control switch simplifies wireless operation.
  • FX/DX format identification: Automatic FX/DX switching optimizes light distribution angle.
  • Expanded Auto Power Zoom Coverage: The SB-900 provides zoom coverage from 17-200mm in the FX-format and 12-200mm coverage in the DX-format.
  • Choose from 3 light distribution patterns: Improve light quality by selecting Standard for general illumination, Center-weighted for portraits, or Even for groups or interiors.
  • User-friendly firmware updating: Allows uploading of performance enhancement developments to the SB-900 with select Nikon digital SLR cameras.
  • Color gel filter identification: The SB-900 automatically identifies mounted color gel filters and adjusts the camera’s auto white-balance setting with select Nikon digital SLR cameras.
  • Flash Tube Overheat Protection: An added measure of safety is provided for sustained high-speed bursts.
  • Drip-proof mounting foot cover (Water Guard): for enhanced moisture protection (optional).
More information here.

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Photography by Michael Anderson

Intimate Grandeur nepal himalaya everest reflectionTimeless.  china guilin yangshuo xingping cormorant fishing sunset

A wonderful online photography portfolio by Michael Anderson at Lightscape photo.

He has travelled the world taking beautiful, atmospheric and emotional shots of both landscapes and people alike. There are some absolutely gorgeous shots in each category of his portfolio.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nikon Lens Pen

Your camera, binocular or telescope uses highly precise optics. It's important to keep them as
clean as possible to assure the best performance. Nikon makes it really easy and simple with the Lens Pen Cleaning System.

The unique LensPen features a fully retractable ultra fine brush and a flexible chamois tip. It uses a proprietary carbon based cleaning compound thatwon't spill or dry out. There's nothing else like it on the market and the LensPen has won many awards for superior product design and usability. Contains a non-liquid compound that will not spill or dry out and its compact size fits into almost any pocket.

LensPen's revolutionary non-liquid compound is safe for all optical lenses and delicate lens coatings. While LensPen is highly effective, convenient and environmentally safe, it also leaves no trace of residue. Looking through any lens is made more enjoyable by using LensPen!


  • Quickly cleans fingerprints, smudges, grease marks and dust off lens surface
  • Works with all types of cameras (digital and film), as well as binoculars, telescopes, and other optical products
  • Safe for all optical lenses including multicaoted surfaces
  • Small, pen-style design easily fits in any camera bag
  • Soft brush retracts into pen body to stay clean
  • Will not scratch or damage lenses
  • Outperforms all other lens cleaning devices
  • Unique LENS PEN tip is self replenishing
  • Cleaning compound will not spill or dry
  • Environmentlly Friendly
  • Non-Toxic

  • Awards

    was voted the "Accessory of the Year" in the Photo Trade News* Top
    Product of the year Competiton. LensPen also won the "Design and
    Engineering Award" at the 1994 Summer Consumer Electronics Show* and
    the 1999 Laboratory Equipment magazine's Reader Choice Award.

    You can buy these at

    I personally have just bought one for half the price from ebay!

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    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Kim Høltermand Online Portfolio

    An interesting online portfolio by Kim Høltermand and has been featured on the Estetica Design Forum. He also displays his work on Behance.

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    Some nice examples of HDR Photography from Flickr

    by GTM (M. Alreshaid) on flickr.

    by vgm8383 on flickr.

    By Larthrows on flickr.

    An Introduction to High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR)

    HDR, or High Dynamic Range Imaging seems to be all the rage these days. HDRI is described by Wikipedia as:

    In image processing, computer graphics and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of exposures
    (the range of values between light and dark areas) than normal digital imaging techniques. The intention of HDRI is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to shadows. (from Wikipedia)

    More accurately however, the images that are commonly seen and referred to as HDR or HDRI images are tone-mapped.

    Tone mapping is a technique used in image processing and computer graphics to map a set of colours to another; often to approximate the appearance of high dynamic range images in media with a more limited dynamic range. Print-outs, CRT or LCD monitors, and projectors all have a limited dynamic range which is inadequate to reproduce the full range of light intensities present in natural scenes. Essentially, tone mapping addresses the problem of strong contrast reduction from the scene values (radiance) to the displayable range while preserving the image details and color appearance important to appreciate the original scene content.

    Find more information here and here along with tutorials to create your own HDR photographs using Photoshop.

    From the Estetica Design & Photography Forum

    Underwater photography by David Doubilet

    Some fascinating underwater photography by David Doubilet. His online portfolio shows fantastic shot after fantastic shot of his other worldly experiences under the water.

    About the photographer.

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    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Red, White, Black and Blue Collection by Chris Anthony

    An interestingly different approach to conceptual photography by Chris Anthony with an interesting use of props. I like it a lot.

    Unfortunately, there does not appear to be much about the photographer himself, but you can find more of his work here.